Collezione: BAJA BLACK

The BAJA collection is made of granules from sea bays with natural enamels on top. ⁠Inspired by the seaside, its soft shapes are reminiscent of sand dunes and sea waves. Enamel reflective as water, external shell with sand granules. Ondulated, serene, pleasurable.⁠

As well as the other collections MESA & PALEO, BAJA stoneware are all handcrafted in Italy, with clay extracted from Italian Dolomite rocks and finished with natural enamels obtained from quartz and other minerals. They have been made with 100% sustainable process and biodegradable materials.

Baja plates can be used to cook in the oven, or simply to serve cold or hot dishes or as an object of beauty on tables and consoles. They are also dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Each piece is completely unique so minor difference in size and shape may occur due to their production method.